The Pauper’s Sauna

1) Rent a cheap but clean room in a quiet part of town with a good shower and a ceiling fan.

Note: It is essential that you have roof access and the rooftop should be open to the elements. Also, this only works in hot humid climates, which should serve as encouragement to explore these verdant corners of the world.

2) Sweat out that clammy, grimy feeling after a morning of exploring your new tropical neighbourhood: wait until the day is at its very hottest, head on up to the roof, lay a clean towel on the searing hot concrete floor and add to it a couple of drops of Young Living Eucalyptus, or your personal favourite. Lay back with the mellifluous sounds of ‘Bush Society’ by Mark Barrott. At 10 mins 45 seconds it’s ideal for timing your turn from your front to your back or vice versa. It’s a perfect track in general but in this instance happens to compliment the surrounding coconut palms, the distant cry of monkeys and the general feeling that as a globetrotting expat you’re winning at life particularly well.

3) After two tracks worth on your front and back you should be positively dripping with sweat, pouring from areas you didn’t even know could perspire. Don’t stay out much longer or you’ll cook alive. Be sure to have some water in the shade with a dash of your preferred Young Living citrus essential oil to take the edge of the head spin when you stand up.


4) Head downstairs, being careful not slip with sweaty feet and fall over the exposed stairwell four storeys up, to a cool shower. Drip dry under the fan with a handmade incense stick of sandalwood burning close by and the slightly more energetic sounds of ‘Afro Blue’, Harold Mabern feat. Gregory Porter version. You will feel revived and ready for the next phase of the day!