The Far Out Cafe is my subjective perspective; a catalog of experiences.

I left England in 2010, drawn to the life of a globetrotting expat; a modern day flâneur and factotum. Imagine Tintin the curious reporter, Keith Floyd’s eccentric culinary voyage, the wandering Laurie Lee circa 1930, Hemmingway during his Key West years and the wonderment expressed by Marco Polo. Image these elements driven by something akin to the spirit of the young men of the 60s fleeing conscription in favour of untapped waves in exotic lands. I don’t mind telling you that as a career move it hasn’t exactly fallen into my lap but the lifestyle that has emerged is a noteworthy one!

I want to present the reality of living and travelling overseas long term and with modest means. I believe the portrayal of the much sought after semi-nomadic lifestyle is too often a misleading illusion. The fact is, if you’re doing the hard yards yourself and you commit to pursuing location-independence, you walk a fine line between smiles and grimaces. I am neither a backpacker nor a holidaymaker and in this self-manifested position of no easy title there exists in unpredictable quantities, discomfort and pleasure, poverty and riches, confusion and revelation, fear and confidence. It is as exhausting and bewildering a lifestyle as it is thrilling and life-affirming. Life is in perpetual flux and it is essential to ride the peaks and be receptive to the messages and challenges of the troughs.